5 Reasons to Use Google Data Studio in 2021

Why you should be using Google Data Studio to optimize sales and marketing strategies

5 Reasons to Use Google Data Studio in 2021

Let’s begin by first answering the question, “What is Google Data Studio?”

Google Data Studio is a free data visualization software that can turn your data into informative, intuitive, and engaging reports. It’s a great solution for developing real-time dashboards around your most valuable data sets.

ROInsights leverages Google Data Studio as our go-to data visualization software for multiple reasons:

  1.   It’s free!
  2.   It can connect to nearly any data source
  3.   Blend data to show cross-channel correlations
  4.   You can begin with pre-built templates
  5.   It’s always evolving with regular feature updates and enhancements


  1.   Free to Start

Get free access to any Google Marketing Platform application, such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console, YouTube, and more. Like your favorite mobile game, it is free to start. Non-Google data sources, such as Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce, and others can incur additional monthly fees. Google Data Studio is an affordable data visualization solution, built to fit any size budget.

  1.   Connect to Any Data Source

Google Data Studio is an open-source platform, meaning you can connect it to even your most unique data set. As we say to our clients, “If you use it, we can connect it.” Leverage a pre-built community connector or custom-build your own. Our clients save countless hours per week with their dashboards simply because they are no longer required to log into multiple platforms to track performance. Gone are the days of logging into Facebook Ads Manager, Google Ads, Google Analytics, YouTube, and more to see how unique campaigns are performing.

  1.   Blend Your Data Sources

Once you have connected your data sources to Google Data Studio, you can not only view holistic performance in one central location (single source of truth), you can then blend your data sources together to best-understand cross-channel correlations. What sales and marketing efforts are driving business outcomes? What levers can you pull to optimize ROI? Understand how Facebook Page Likes impacts Product Engagement, or how Email Open Rates impacts Time on Site. Blending data sources reveals hidden insights.

  1.   Begin with a Template

Explore the wide variety of templates Google Data Studio offers to begin your dashboard journey. Whether you decide to use a Marketing Template from the Data Studio Team, or a Community Built Template from dashboard experts like ROInsights, you can find a template that best suits your business needs. Customize the template by updating report themes to reflect your colors, fonts, logos, and other design elements to make your dashboard feel like home.   

  1.   Regular Product Enhancements

The Data Studio Team is always evolving and enhancing the platform with regular updates. Since launching in 2016, Google Data Studio continues to release new features that empower analytics experts to deliver on nearly any data-challenge. The Data Studio Team listens to the feedback of the community to prioritize highly requested features. 


Google Data Studio is a master-class software for Data Visualization. It’s a free, feature-rich, open-source, flexible solution for all industries. You can save time and money by utilizing Google Data Studio. 

Learn More: https://support.google.com/datastudio/answer/6283323?hl=en

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