Data Strategy

With ROInsights, we will create and implement a scalable data strategy to ensure your organization is focused on your new single source of truth. 

  • Data Discovery: We shape and crystallize your data vision, and then share it across your organization.
  • Analytics Roadmap: Plan and budget the path to achieving your vision, anticipating challenges and risks.
  • Measurement Framework: Attain broad use of new data and analytics processes, tools, and techniques.

On average, our customers see a 4.5x Return on Investment by leveraging ROInsights as their analytics partner. We take the guesswork out of the equation and empower you to make confident, data-driven decisions around the systems that you have in place today!

Data Discovery

Are you interested in understanding how your analytics practices stack up? ROInsights can help you identify meaningful data opportunities for your entire organization. Data Discovery allows us to take a peek under the hood and diagnose your analytics architecture, maximizing the value you receive from using your data the right way.


Service Offerings:

  • Analytics Architecture Audits
  • Data Cleanliness Assessments
  • Reporting Process Improvement
  • KPI Alignment
  • Benchmarking

Analytics Roadmap

It’s never to late to begin your analytics journey! Wherever you are at in the process, ROInsights is here to help you build a data-driven culture. Achieve your analytics vision with a plan and budget that fits your needs, all while anticipating likely challenges and risks involved along the way. 


Service Offerings:

  • Analytics Architecture Planning at Scale
  • Data Maturity Roadmap Creation
  • Analytics & Reporting Process Development
  • Data Ownership & Role Clarity

Analytics Adoption

We create and implement scalable data strategies to ensure your organization is fully focused on your new single source of truth. We are so much more than a data technology company – we are here to ensure that the data transformation process is embraced by everyone in your organization, without adding more tasks to your to-do list.


Service Offerings:

  • People & Process Management
  • Analytics Training
  • Architecture & Process Documentation