Sales Analytics Solutions

Go Deeper than Your Native Sales Reporting


Visualize your pipeline and gain a deeper understanding of your sales process. Our sales analytics solutions bring reliable insights to your sales staff, enabling them to be proactive in their approach by providing strategic insights and improving close rates.

Improved Close Rates

ROInsights sales dashboard is designed around sales enablement. We help to better measure your sales activity and enhance your sales attribution to scale your organization faster.

Full CRM Integration

We deploy sales-focused dashboards that connect and visualize your pipeline, in real-time. Our ROI-Now Sales solutions will improve sales productivity and help your organization win new business, now.

Sales Coaching Enablement

Our end-to-end sales analytics solutions enable SDRs (Sales Development Reps) to maximize the impact they have on growing their team through data-driven action plans.


Visual Pipeline Management


The key to presenting insightful, actionable sales plans is developing intuitive dashboards that visualize your pipeline, empowering your sales staff to spend more time selling.

We make it easy to become a data-driven sales organization and include everything you need to obtain full clarity around your pipeline.


Sales Analytics Tell Stories


We are equipped to provide real-time sales insights to help our clients make informed choices on a moment’s notice. Save time managing your pipeline, and spend more time selling.

Our actionable insights enable data-justified sales plans so that our clients can be confident concerning significant and day-to-day business decisions.


One Source to Rule Them All


We are experts at connecting the dots, from sales pipeline performance to business objectives & revenue. Our solutions allow SDRs & sales organizations to quickly understand what is working and optimize your sales process. Our tools allow you to accurately forecast and book better deals.

Optimize The Marketing-Sales Handoff With Our Sales Analytics Solutions.