Policies & Protections

A special benefit for ROInsights customers!


While we focus on providing data analytics & technology services to our customers, we are always looking out for any way we can further help you out. With the importance of data privacy increasing, and the number of data breaches also increasing, we know many of our clients would benefit from discussions with legal counsel focusing on matters of data privacy, cybersecurity, and technology law.

We have been working with David Myers (www.djmyerslaw.com) since we started ROInsights. With over a decade of practicing law AND running a technology consulting firm, David brings a unique multi-disciplinary understanding of our data & technology law issues.

Our clients will benefit from getting to know David as well. When we approached him to see how he could help our customers out, he gave us some outstanding offers!


David has offered to provide three Document Bundles to our customers:


Data Package

Pricing starting at $500

Includes key protections for your website, internet usage, and the ever-critical password. These documents are essential for any business with an online presence:

  • Website Privacy Policy
  • Website Terms of Use Policy
  • Website Hyperlink Policy
  • Social Media Privacy Policy
  • Password Policy

Technology Package

Pricing starting at $1,000

Includes important internal policies that we recommend to any client with employees. These documents form the core understanding between employer and employee regarding the use of technology at work.

  • Technology Acceptable Use Policy
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy
  • Employee Email Policy
  • Company Provided Computers, Mobile Phones, and Other Devices Policy
  • Document Retention & Destruction Policy

Deluxe Package

Pricing starting at $1,200

You can also save money by bundling both Data & Technology Packages together in our Deluxe Package, and save 20%!

  • Data Package: Website Privacy Policy, Website Terms of Use Policy, Website Hyperlink Policy, Social Media Privacy Policy, & Password Policy
  • Technology Package: Technology Acceptable Use Policy, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy, Employee Email Policy, Company Provided Computers, Mobile Phones, and Other Devices Policy, & Document Retention & Destruction Policy

Our clients can also work with DJ Myers Law to acquire other data & technology documents & policies based on their unique business needs. Customers of ROInsights have a reduced hourly rate of $250 /hour (standard hourly rate of $300 /hour). David can also provide the following services:

  • Data Privacy Review & Compliance Consulting
  • Incident Response Plan Development & Maintenance
  • Technology Contract Drafting & Review
  • Technology & Software Licensing Advice
  • Translation Between Legalese & TechSpeak
  • Employment & HR Policy Development

If you are interested in taking advantage of any of these offers, you can call DJ Myers Law at 513-253-5283 or email the firm directly at ROInsightsoffer@djmyerslaw.com.

We hope to provide our clients with as much value from this relationship as we have seen ourselves!

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