Marketing Analytics Solutions

Make Sense of your Marketing Efforts


Understand which marketing efforts are driving revenue. ROInsights enables marketing teams to make confident, data-driven decisions around engagement & ROI. Enrich your marketing data strategies today with a real-time data dashboard, get customer feedback by deploying digital surveys, and maximize your digital footprint by running A/B tests.

Unbiased ROI Analysis

ROInsights does not execute marketing campaigns. Our clients leverage our analytical tools confidently knowing we are providing clear, actionable, & unbiased results.

Advanced Website & Campaign Tracking

We deploy a ``track everything`` model on your website & marketing campaigns. With advanced tracking, you will gain a deeper understanding of your audience, the user journey, messaging, and tactics that drive long-term growth.

Efficient Customer Feedback

We offer our clients the tools required to capture relevant data that you aren't using today. Leverage third-party data sources to connect with your audience with a personal, relevant message.


Custom Dashboard Creation


True understanding is conveyed by one’s ability to communicate complex ideas in a simple, concise format. Even the most relevant and precise analytics can be overwhelming without context.

The key to presenting insightful, actionable information is developing intuitive dashboards and reports that convey succinct, easily-digestible marketing results.


Data Storytelling


We are equipped to provide real-time, ongoing, or ad-hoc reporting and insights to help our clients make informed marketing choices on a moment’s notice.

Our actionable insights include data-justified recommendations so that our clients can be confident concerning significant and day-to-day business decisions.


One Source to Rule Them All


Gathering insights from multiple marketing sources is not only inefficient, but it also makes it difficult to see the bigger picture.

We are experts at connecting the dots, from marketing performance to business objectives & revenue. Our solutions allow C-suiters to quickly understand cross-channel performance, messaging, ROI, and the like.


Scalable Digital Experiments


Confident choices require validation, so we use statistical analysis to implement, test, and confirm marketing choices in a controlled environment.

Compare different elements, content, or even two completely different versions of a page to determine which is best suited to achieve your goals.


Fast, Efficient Feedback


Insightful feedback comes from honest customers. If your business needs actionable feedback, digital surveys are one of the most efficient ways to garner the thoughts and feelings of your consumers or target audience.

Get in touch with your customers via a website survey or an email survey and start learning.


Go Ahead, Test Us


We’re equipped to solve any marketing problem.

We provide marketing professionals with ad hoc data solutions via analytical processes and procedures including but not limited to; customer lifetime value, attribution modeling, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more.

Optimize The Marketing-Sales Handoff With Our Sales Analytics Solutions.